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Gamagara Municipality Annual Report - 2016/17

Admitting and acknowledging that the 2016/2017 was a very challenging year for us at Gamagara Local Municipality, resilience and commitment saw us through. We saw illegal land grab and marches against the municipality that are not related to service delivery amongst others. Not only negative things happened, we also experienced positive attributions. We had a stable interface between Political and administration which provided seamless improvement of good governance and efficient service delivery. Like I mentioned before that even though we had marches, none of the marches were service delivery related rather were politically motivated. This was evidenced by the emergence of Forums which evolved from business to political in nature. 

The Gamagara Council has always been committed to its core business value s and principles to deliver better services to all its residents as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and further affirmed by the Municipal Systems Act and Municipal Finance Management Act.

Mayor: Gamagara Local Municipality
Councillor D. Moyo

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