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Final Approved IDP - Third Review


This is the year that has been declared the most of the important year in the history of our government and its constitution. This year we will be marking or celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter, a document that was well crafted by men and women of this Country under very difficult times of Apartheid Colonialism. The Freedom Charter in its origin, it has made provision for certain elements that reflect the critical pledges made like, “the people shall govern’’. This clause clearly shows how committed our government is to ensure effective public participation in all government program to create a platform for our people to have a say on a decision making processes in our government.

In terms of Section 34 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000) each municipality is required to review its Integrated Development Plan (IDP) annually to assess its performance against measurable targets and respond to the demands of the changing circumstances. This is usually done through an extensive or vigorous stakeholder consultation that includes our communities, businesses and other social partners. The IDP is our five year plan that is subjected for review annually to reflect our past achievement and challenges that might have impacted either both positively or negatively. In other words, the annual review is used as a tool to help realise the medium to long-term objectives of the Gamagara Municipal Council..

Click Here To Download The Third Integrated Development Plan Chapter 1-4
Click Here To Download The Third Integrated Development Plan Chapter 5