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Final Second Review IDP Gamagara Local Municipality: 2019-2022

Foreword by the Mayor of Gamagara Local Municipality Councillor OE Hantise

We are coming from a very challenging year, where we ran the municipality with an unfunded budget and transitional administration. A situation where we had an Acting Municipal Manager for a period of nine months and most managerial contracts coming to an end. This period was difficult as it took us also more than nine months to fill the top management positions. As we all know that transition in most cases brew uncertainty which result in poor performance. These circumstances led us to slide from Qualified Audit Outcome to Disclaimer.

Even though we can attribute the slide in the audit outcome to the transition phase, laxity and uncertainty of our personnel cannot be sole causal factor, the transition from Sebata Financial Managenent System to Phoenix Financial Management System also had its fair share on the challenges that we experienced. Transition of the financial management system with its teething problems led to misalignment of cash and cash balance/equivalents, which led directly to a disclaimer.

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